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Sobey Student & Entrepreneur Ross Arsenault Joins Next 36

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Ross was a key developer of The Pipeline

Q: What do you get what you immerse a Nova Scotian university student in a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem?


(a) A plan for smart buoys to retrieve lobster or crab traps at sea without getting whales entangled.

(b) A pipeline that helps other would-be entrepreneurs get a leg up through education, advice and support.

(c) An award-winning co-op student and valedictorian with a high GPA.

(d) All of the above.

The answer is (d), and the student is former Enactus co-president Ross Arsenault.

In fall 2017, Dartmouth native Ross was chosen to be one of the Next 36. Every year, NEXT Canada chooses 36 promising university student entrepreneurs from across Canada to participate in an intense learning program.

Ross exemplifies the engaged Sobey School student entrepreneur. After completing his BComm majoring in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, being involved in Enactus, the Spark Zone and the Sobey School Business Development Centre, Ross is currently a student in the Sobey School’s Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation program.

"Saint Mary's has an incredible ecosystem for student entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurship professors teach from experience and provide the necessary mentorship for those looking to start their first business while in University,” notes Ross.

In 2017, Ross was chosen to receive the Mike and Catherine Durland Scholarship on entry to the MTEI program, received a Silver “M” award from SMUSA, a Student Leadership Recognition Award, and an Enactus Canada Founder’s Bursary for student leadership.

While working with the Enactus Saint Mary’s group, Ross took part in regional, national and Worlds competitions. He worked with some of Enactus’ most celebrated recent projects including OPtions Youth, OPtions International, The Pipeline and Square Roots.

“I always viewed myself as a problem solver, but I didn't put this into practice as an entrepreneur until I joined the Enactus program. Between Enactus, my courses, and the resources of the Sobey School Business Development Centre, Saint Mary's has provided tremendous support in my growth as an entrepreneur."

The Next 36 is an entrepreneurship initiative founded in 2010 to identify and train promising Canadian entrepreneurs. The program selects 36 university students per year to work in an intense program and receive advice from Canadian business experts.


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