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Building the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem... on Facebook

Charlene Boyce, Sobey School Communications

In June, 2016, Sobey School BComm graduate Mike Cyr decided to build a group to help connect some of the startups happening in Halifax, a place where people could ask for help and commiserate with some of the challenges of being an entrepreneur. Flash forward to the present, and the simple Facebook group has gone from the Halifax Startup Community to the Nova Scotia Startup Community, with 1300 active members posting regularly. People have shared resources, file templates, and suggested service providers for each other. Startup founders have located employees and contractors. It's the place to go to find events and help, to share successes with your peers and to offer support to others who are struggling.

The Nova Scotia Startup Community is, like everything else in our province, very much based on relationships. In our connected world, Facebook is the new kitchen party / drinks after work / watercooler chat space. Mike Cyr's group is an important resource for risk takers across the province who are venturing into the startup world.