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Items added to the ARGEIAD site (Summer 2016)

  1. “Homeownership rates among visible minority immigrants.” Paper presented by Ather H. Akbari (co-authored by Azad Haider) at the 50th Canadian Economics Association meeting (Ottawa, Ontario). Vol 3 No 1 Immigration Trends in Atlantic Canada
  2. “Financial vulnerability across Canadian provinces: Age, human capital and family background.” Authored by Maryam Dilmaghani. Dilmaghani - Financial Vulnerability Across Canadian Provinces
  3. Presentation slides:
    1. Express Entry presentation: IRCC (English)‌‌
    2. Express Entry presentation: IRCC (French)
    3. Express Entry presentation NS
    4. Homeownership rates among visible minority immigrants. CEA Presentation: Akbari & Haider