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Celebrate Canada Day

Charlene Boyce, Communications, Sobey School of Business

A Canadian flag overlaid on an aerial view of campus with the Sobey Building superimposed in the leaf.

July 1 is our National Holiday, when we celebrate Canada Day. Here are some ways you may choose to spend your Canada Day, whether you are from here, living here or soon to come.

Eat a Beavertail.

Sure, we’ve got bacon and blueberry grunt, and donairs are Halifax’s Official Food (since 2015!) but it has been argued that the official food of Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, is a Beavertail. If you can’t buy one, try making one… these fried dough treats are very tasty!  Saint Mary’s campus is a short 20 minute walk to the waterfront boardwalk where you’ll find Beavertails, ice cream, lobster, craft beers, gift shops and more.

Apologize to someone.

Canadians have a reputation for being seriously polite and VERY apologetic. Sorry about that. We prefer to call it “friendly and respectful”. We hope you’ll experience this in our virtual classrooms this fall!

Walk in the woods. 

Or watch this video of Point Pleasant Park, one of the country’s largest urban wooded areas that is a leisurely 10 minute stroll from Saint Mary’s. Did you know -- Canada has 30% of the world’s forest cover, with 979 million hectares of woods. Saint Mary’s has a School of the Environment with researchers studying ways to maintain our forests, coastlines and more. As a business student, you may find School of Environment courses make great electives!

Listen to some Canadian music.

Drake, Joel Plaskett, Neil Young, Sarah Harmer, Celine Dion, The Weeknd, Alessia Cara, Kayo Guevarra. Hey, did you know Kayo is a Sobey School alumni, BComm ‘12? Check this out:

Belatedly Celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day 

On June 21 annually, we celebrate the Indigenous People of Canada. Miss the day? It’s not too late to explore the customs, heritage and current achievements of this vibrant population. Saint Mary’s has an active, engaged Indigenous Student Society.

Play (or watch) some hockey.

Or baseball, rugby, soccer, football, field hockey or cricket. Canadians are big sports fans, and we enjoy as wide a range of sports as there are people in Canada. Saint Mary’s campus is very international thanks to the students that come from around the world, but you’ll find most of the country embraces our multicultural diversity, especially in terms of sport. Learn more about our varsity teams, the Saint Mary’s Huskies, here. Saint Mary’s has a football field at its centre, and  that field hosts a wide range of sports throughout the school year. We hope this winter you will have the chance to truly experience Canada’s favourite sport, ice hockey, at the newest building on campus, the Dauphinee Centre!

Sing Oh Canada!

Why not? Learn the words and tune here: Then you’ll be ready for when you hear it again at sporting events and of course, Graduation!


How do you plan to celebrate Canada Day? Let us know in the comments below!