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ACOA Invests $300k into business growth and startup programming

Date Published: November 14, 2017

Helping businesses get started, grow and innovate is what the Sobey School Business Development Centre (SSBDC) does best. It is also a prescription to grow our economy and build more jobs, making an impact on our regional prosperity. Today, the Government of Canada recognized the ongoing value of this work as MP Andy Fillmore attended campus to announce a $300,000 investment into the SSBDC.

"It's easy to see this morning the good work that is underway to build bridges between this university and the business community in Halifax, and I'm also seeing all kinds of great examples of innovative ideas coming to life on this campus," noted MP Fillmore in his remarks.

Eric Crowell, the SSBDC Director, introduced the morning. "The support of ACOA allows us to enhance the prosperity of our region through business development. The SSBDC has helped thousands of organizations of all sizes, across many sectors.  We connect experts and researchers with businesses to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions."

Dean Patricia Bradshaw spoke passionately about the work of the school in measuring and deepening its impact on community in alignment with its mission. "I am so proud to share with you that we remain committed to creating collective impact through action and partnerships across the network that is the region. ACOA is such an important partner for us in that."

Ross Arsenault, a graduate student working at the SSBDC, described the work of the entrepreneurship accelerator The Pipeline, one example of the great work the SSBDC engages in.

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