Sobey BComm Program Goals

Critical Thinking

Graduates will critically assess situations and use appropriate problem-solving skills.

  • Students will formulate and justify positions on issues or situations using adequate and appropriate evidence.
  • Students will recognize and demonstrate competence in analytical reasoning.
    Information Literacy

Graduates will locate and use qualitative and quantitative information effectively using appropriate technology.

  • Students will determine, retrieve, evaluate and manage relevant information.
  • Students will recognize and acknowledge copyright laws and intellectual property restrictions.

Graduates will use professional communication skills to facilitate business relationships.

  • Students will prepare appropriate and effective written communications
  • Students will prepare and deliver effective oral presentations

Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Leadership

Graduates will exercise socially responsible leadership skills.

  • Students will recognize the ethical dimensions of situations.
  • Students will consider a broad spectrum of stakeholders in the development of organizations’ social responsibilities.
  • Students will recognize a variety of leadership styles and when each is appropriate.
  • Students will work effectively as part of a team.

Global Perspective

Graduates will recognize the diversity and global opportunities their local, national, and world environments present.

  • Students will recognize the effects of different economic, political, cultural, social and technological environments and integrate them into their decision-making.
    Business Knowledge and Competency
    Graduates will use their business knowledge and professional skills successfully.
  • Students will demonstrate a fundamental understanding of each of the functional areas of business, and how to effectively integrate and apply this knowledge
  • Students will assess the opportunities and risks faced by organizations of different size, ownership and governance structures.
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