Overrides Form (MGMT)

Closed Course and Prerequisite Overrides

Request for Registration Assistance


Complete and submit this online form; include an unofficial Banner Self-Service transcript (or, for Letter of Permission, a copy of your home university transcript), which you can upload (below). Your submission will be forwarded to the instructor to request either a closed course override and/or prerequisite waiver. You will be contacted via email.

Closed Courses

Please note that permission to enter a closed course will be granted on a priority basis (i.e., students with special circumstances, such as needing a course to graduate this academic year will be given priority). In the case of a closed course request students should continue to check Banner in case the course opens because students withdraw from the course.

Prerequisite Waivers

A prerequisite waiver applies only to the requested course. It does not apply to all courses that require this prerequisite.

NOTE: This form is for MGMT courses only. One form per override request, please! Fields marked with * are mandatory.












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