General Business Studies

General Business Studies allows you to customize your degree to fit your unique interests, while maintaining a focus on the world of business. With a major in General Business Studies you will learn areas such as accounting, marketing, economics, and finance to help you gain a wide range of basic business skills. The skills and attributes you will develop through General Business Studies include communication, information literacy, critical thinking, teamwork, ethics and social responsibility.

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Why pursue General Business Studies at Saint Mary’s?

Although Sobey School of Business offers a broad range of majors, you may prefer

to design a program custom-fit to all your interests. General Business Studies is a flexible program, allowing you to select a variety of business courses once you have fulfilled the core requirements of the program. Whether you’re interested in Marketing, Accounting or any other area of business, you can develop your own individualized program that will meet your needs in various specialized areas of study without being constrained by structures of a particular major.

Hands on learning

General Business Studies students participated in numerous co-op positions, including placements in Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), Nova Scotia Business Inc (NSBI), Blue Water CBDC, Kraft Canada, Bell Aliant, Templeton Properties, and Labatt Breweries. Internship positions included business analyst, communications assistant, fundraising and PR coordinator, research assistant, and junior development officer.

Future career opportunities:

  • Communications officer
  • Government services administrator
  • Employment counsellor
  • Special events coordinator
  • Account executive
  • International business manager
  • Budget analyst

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Requirements for Major

In addition to all other requirements for the major, a minimum GPA of 2.2 is required in the eighteen (18) credit hours in Commerce electives completed in fulfillment of the major. (Courses included in the GPA calculations are indicated by *.)

Year 3

  • FINA 2360 Business Finance I
  • FINA 3361 Business Finance II
  • MGMT 3480 Ethical Responsibilities of Organizations
  • * Nine (9) credit hours in Commerce electives at 3000 level or above
  • Six (6) credit hours in non-Commerce electives
  • Six (6) credit hours in free electives

Year 4

  • MGMT 4489 Strategic Management
  • * Nine (9) credit hours in Commerce electives at 3000 level or above
  • Six (6) credit hours in non-Commerce electives
  • Twelve (12) credit hours in free electives


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