Discover how money is made, invested and managed. A major in Finance will prepare you to understand and reason through a wide spectrum of financial decisions. Finance involves the preparation of financial reports, tax and regulatory requirements, cash flow, management, investment, and development of information.

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Departments - Finance, Info Systems & Management Science

Why study Finance at Saint Mary’s?

As part of the Bachelor of Commerce degree at the Sobey School of Business, Finance focuses on all aspects of money management, including: investment, collection, disbursement and borrowing. We offer an internationally-recognized curriculum taught by respected professors, and access to co-op opportunities and internships. Resources for students include professional advisors, cutting edge professional software and technology such as Bloomberg terminals.

Saint Mary’s is a recognized by the CFA Institute recognition program. That means that majoring in Finance will prepare students to write the certification test to the CFA’s standards.

Hands on learning

Finance students participate in the IMPACT program, only available at Saint Mary’s University. Students get practical, real-world experience in money management by managing an actual investment fund with real money. Finance students have competed at the Rotman International Trading Competition and in the CFA Institute Investment Research Challenge Americas Final, attended RISE Investment Conference in Dayton, Ohio, and have participated in international exchanges in Hong Kong, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Sample courses offered:

  • Business Finance
  • Portfolio Management
  • Investments
  • Financial Institutions
  • Fixed Income Securities
  • Financial Innovations
  • Financial Management

Future career opportunities:

  • Chartered financial analyst
  • Corporate banker
  • Chief financial officer (CFO)
  • Foreign exchange trader
  • Insurance advisor
  • Investment manager

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Requirements for Major

In addition to all other requirements for the major, a minimum GPA of 2.2 is required in FINA 4463, FINA 4466, FINA 4467 and six (6) credit hours used to satisfy the 4000 level Finance electives requirement (as indicated below by *).

Year 3

  • ACCT 3343 Financial Accounting Analysis
  • FINA 2360 Business Finance I
  • FINA 3361 Business Finance II
  • MGMT 3480 Ethical Responsibilities of Organizations
  • Three (3) credit hours in Commerce electives at 3000 level or above
  • Six (6) credit hours in non-Commerce electives
  • Nine (9) credit hours in free electives

Year 4

  • * FINA 4463 Financial Management
  • *FINA 4466 Investments
  • *FINA 4467 Portfolio Management
  • MGMT 4489 Strategic Management
  • *Six (6) credit hours in Finance electives at 4000 level except FINA 4491 [ACCT 4445 and ECON 4403 may be used to satisfy this requirement.]
  • Six (6) credit hours in non-Commerce electives
  • Six (6) credit hours in free electives


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