Whether you see yourself starting your own business or finding a great career, the Entrepreneurship major will give you the skills and knowledge you need to make your mark. Saint Mary’s provides an exciting opportunity for you to run your own business while attending university — a unique and gratifying experience.

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Why study Entrepreneurship at Saint Mary’s?

If you have a creative and adventurous spirit and like the idea of being your own boss, Entrepreneurship may be for you. An entrepreneurial mindset can help you embark on a variety of career paths. Our professors combine entrepreneurial experience with academic qualifications, exposing you to the newest methods of practice and theory.

Entrepreneurship offered as a major in the Commerce and Arts programs.  A co-op option is also available.

Hands on opportunities

There are many opportunities to take classroom learning to the next level by getting direct business experience that will help you succeed. Take part in workshops, events and competitions on campus and through the Sobey School Business Development Centre, which also hosts the Spark Zone. Compete in business competitions and learn how to create and grow your own business. You can also participate in Enactus, an international network of student entrepreneurs. You can also participate in the Saint Mary's chapter of Enactus, which is an international community of student, academic and business leaders enabling progress through entrepreneurial action.

Sample courses offered:

  • Structuring the Startup
  • Entrepreneurship: Theory and Concepts
  • New Venture Opportunities
  • Strategic Management
  • Small Business Performance Improvement
  • Family Business

Career opportunities:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Investor
  • Build a Technology Start-Up
  • Run a Not-For-Profit Organization
  • Industry Analyst Lobbyist
  • Management Consultant
  • Develop a Socially or Environmentally-Aware Firm

“The most exciting part of the Entrepreneurship Major at Saint Mary’s is that you don’t have to be in Commerce. You can be in Arts, too. This is the only university in Canada that provides such an opportunity.”

Ellen Farrell, Professor in Entrepreneurship and Venture Development

What our students are doing:

Aspiring entrepreneurs Jessica Herron, Kirsten Osmond, Patrick Mitchell and Danny Williams turned an assignment in Dr. Ellen’s Farrell’s New Venture Opportunities class into an investor-ready business plan. READ MORE

What our students are saying:

“The co-op program at Saint Mary’s University has really helped me develop my entrepreneurial skills. I secured an internship in Toronto and have spent the summer working with established entrepreneurs across a wide variety of disciplines. I learned a lot in a short period of time and now have a strong professional network of advisors and potential investors.”

Jean-Phillipe Leroux, BCOM, Entrepreneurship


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