A career in accounting appeals to students with wide-ranging interests and good communication skills. Ultimately, accounting is about information. Sound management of financial resources can capture not only how a person or organization is doing, but also where they are going. This information is crucial for decision-making in business, government and also for personal finances. Learn how to prepare financial and related information, and how to interpret what it means.

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Accounting Department

Why study Accounting at Saint Mary’s?

Accounting at the Sobey School of Business provides students with a comprehensive and respected degree from one of Canada’s leading business schools. World-class faculty with professional experience combine with excellent scholarship opportunities and co-op options to make the Sobey School of Business the right choice to prepare students for a successful career as accounting professionals.

The Accounting major at Saint Mary’s is tailored to meet the requirements of the newly merged Canadian CPA designation. Sobey School of Business Accounting students are sought by major accounting firms, industry, government and non-profit organizations. There are many opportunities for academic awards and exchanges with universities in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Hands-on learning

Accounting students have many opportunities to put their classroom learning into practice. Our students volunteer with Revenue Canada’s Community Volunteer Income Tax Program, compete in business competitions, take part in Saint Mary’s and ICBC case competitions and plan and host the Accounting Society’s Annual Etiquette Dinner. They are eligible to receive the Samuel H. Jopling, Dr. Harold G. Beazley, KPMG and Sobey Accounting Achievement Awards

Sample courses offered:

  • Managerial Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Taxation
  • International Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Financial Statement Analysis

Future career opportunities:

  • Public accountant
  • Finance or tax professional
  • Business analyst
  • Business owner
  • Internal Auditor
  • Controller

What our students and professors are saying:

“The best thing about the accounting program is the mix of instruction from academics as well as professionals from the industry. You get real- world experience, practical insight and know what to expect when you’re out of school when performance is based on more than just marks.”

Nicolette Fader, Accounting graduate

“The accounting program at Saint Mary’s is respected nationally not only for the active research program of the faculty but also for the long-standing links between the Sobey School and the profession and the excellent success of our graduates in many different careers.”

Dr. Jeffrey Power, Chair, Department of Accounting


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Requirements for Major

To complete a major in Accounting, students must attain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.2 in the 3rd and 4th year ACCT courses (as indicated below by *).

Year 3

  • *ACCT 3323 Management Information Systems
  • *ACCT 3335 Intermediate Managerial Accounting
  • *ACCT 3350 Financial Accounting Foundations – see Note (i) below
  • *ACCT 3351 Intermediate Financial Accounting I
  • FINA 2360 Business Finance I
  • FINA 3361 Business Finance II
  • MGMT 3480 Ethical Responsibilities of Organizations
  • Nine (9) credit hours in non-Commerce electives

Year 4

  • *ACCT 3352 Intermediate Financial Accounting II – see Note (i) below
  • *ACCT 4470 Accounting Seminar
  • *Nine (9) credit hours in Accounting electives - see Notes (ii), (iii), and (iv) below
  • MGMT 4489 Strategic Management
  • Three (3) credit hours in non-Commerce electives
  • Nine (9) credit hours in free electives - see Notes (iii) and (iv) below


(i) It is recommended that students who are considering pursuing a professional accounting designation take ACCT 3350 and FINA 2360 in Year 2 and take ACCT 3352 in Year 3. In Year 2, students would defer 3 credit hours in ECON electives and 3 credit hours in non-Commerce electives until Year 3.

(ii) CISY 2320, CISY 3326, CISY 4435, ACCT 3345, ACCT 3357 or any 4000 level course in Accounting not used to fulfill other requirements may be used to satisfy this requirement.

(iii) Students cannot receive credit for any of ACCT 3332, 3333, 3334, 3341, 3342, or 3343 towards accounting electives or free electives if they major in Accounting.

(iv) Students are advised to consult with the Departmental advisor when choosing electives if they plan to pursue a professional accounting designation.

Students with a grade below C in ACCT 2241, ACCT 2242, ACCT 3350, ACCT 3351 or ACCT 3352 are advised against pursuing an Accounting major.

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