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Alumni Update: Kevin Gallant

Date Published: June 26, 2020

Early in the COVID crisis, Kevin Gallant, MTEI'16, started 3D printing face shields. In May, he predicted they would print up to 300 before the project was over. They are now at over 500.

Kevin is an educator at NBCC as well as an engineer, and also runs an alternative energy project. He is a terrific demonstration of the power of innovation, and of how our alumni make an impact with purpose!

He recently shared this update:

“Just wanted you to know we surpassed 500 fully assembled face shields for COVID-19!  It was you who sparked the initial conversation.  I have now modified a design for a face shield hard-hat mount for workers in the City of Miramichi.  The City donated two 3D printers to two of my students’ teams—the largest bed size will print 16 face shields at one time.  One of my 3D print students, Ryan Corcoran, just won the NBCC Student Excellence Award for the province from the work we are doing.

I wanted you to be aware of my Microhydro STEM Campaign (Renewables Atlantic).  It is coming along well and I have a small team support to build eight stations for schools using a dual-pelton wheel charger which is 3D printed from our network.

COVID-19 has really helped with Innovation and community spirit. 

We should have more Renewable photos soon. Scotland can do it why not us!  

Again, thanks again for promoting our successes.


Kevin Gallant, P. Eng.

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