Closed Course and Prerequisite Overrides

Request for Registration Assistance (ACCT & CMLW)


This form is for ACCT & CMLW courses only.

Complete and submit this online form, and upload an unofficial Banner Self-Service transcript (or, for Letter of Permission, a copy of your home university transcript). Your submission will be forwarded to the Chair of the Accounting Department to request a closed course override and/or prerequisite waiver. Registration assistance will be based on information in the request form and transcript. Students must provide a convincing rationale as to how their situation meets the "exceptional circumstances" requirement. Requiring the course because of a "fit" with your schedule is not an acceptable reason for a closed course and/or prerequisite override. Accounting majors, and students needing the course to graduate this academic year, will receive priority. Decisions will be communicated to students via email.

Closed Course Overrides

Admission to closed courses will be limited and is not guaranteed by filling out this form. Very few additional students will be admitted beyond the posted enrolment limit for the course.

Students requesting a closed course override should continue to check Banner since it is possible that space in the course could open up as other students adjust their schedules. Also, you should consider your options regarding other open sections of the course, if any.

Prerequisite Waivers

The prerequisites in accounting courses are mandatory. It is only in exceptional situations that the prerequisites are waived. The policy on granting a prerequisite waiver is that the student has to show evidence of strong academic performance in prior courses or have substantial and relevant industry experience in the subject area.

A prerequisite waiver, if granted, applies only to the requested course. It does not apply to all the courses that require this prerequisite. A prerequisite override does not automatically entitle the student to an enrolment override (see above section).

One form per override request. All fields are mandatory.

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