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Class of 2019: Trade Mission to Copenhagen

Vietnam Trade Mission meeting, 2017

The EMBA International Business Trip is one of the highlights of the program.  In March, the Class of 2019 will travel to three countries beginning with Belgium, France, and ending with three full days of business-to-business meetings in Copenhagen. 

In  partnership with the Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency (ACOA); the students work in teams of two to represent an Atlantic Canadian company with the potential to build an export business.  This year the opportunity is the Ocean Technology sector. 
Sobey EMBA teams will represent six ocean tech companies from Nova Scotia as they fan out across the market to meet with vetted individuals in each market. The teams expect to conduct a minimum of 35 meetings including a total of 55 scheduled meetings while on the ground.

Support for the mission includes in-class preparations, introductions and presentations from government organizations responsible for trade and investment as well  as company visits with senior business leaders. 
While the traction for the Atlantic Canadian companies may take longer to materialize, when the students are back in Canada they will prepare trip reports and follow-up visits with their companies to debrief on the opportunities discovered.

Most importantly, the students will bring the transformative learning they have experienced back to their own employers in the form of innovative ideas, a new perspective and an expanded network of global contacts.