SMUWorks Student Application


SMUworks Summer 2023 Program will be open for student applications from Wednesday, March 8 - Monday, March 27, 2023 at 11:59 pm ADT!

Only applications received during this period will be reviewed.

There are two parts to the application:

  1. Submit your cover letter and résumé on Career360° 
  2. Complete the SMUworks online application (link at the end of this page)

Students are eligible for the SMUworks Summer 2023 program if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • Registered as a full-time/part-time student in a degree or diploma program at Saint Mary's University for the current academic year 2022-23 AND registered in summer 2023 classes or returning to school in September 2023 for the fall semester.
  • In good academic standing (GPA 1.7+)

Students are not eligible for the program if:

  • They have fulfilled their degree requirements or have graduated.
  • They are an ESL, upgrading, or visiting student.
  • If the above noted two application steps are not completed.  
  • Resumes and cover letters are not submitted for each job posting via Career360

Students will not be able to work in more than one SMUworks full-time position in any one term. If a student has secured two part-time SMUworks jobs that is fine as long as the hours don’t exceed regular full-time hours.

If you have not previously used one of our resume support services or are not a Co-op student, we strongly encourage you to attend either the virtual Resume Workshop hosted every Friday (registration via Career360) or complete the Brightspace Resume Workshop module (Log into Brightspace at -> Select “Discover” ->  Select “Self-Registration” ->  Select “Foundational Resume Workshop” ->  Select “Register”).

Submit your cover letter and résumé on Career360° and complete the SMUworks Student Application by Monday, March 27, 11:59 pm AST.

The cover letter and résumé will be sent to the staff or faculty advertising the position and will contact you for an interview if they are interested in you as a candidate for the position.

If you require aid in preparing for this interview, please book an appointment through Career360 and choose ‘Interview Preparation.’

Please understand that eligibility to participate in SMUworks (as determined by the SMUworks Committee) is not a guarantee that you will be given an interview, and that hiring choices are made by the staff or faculty member who is advertising the position on Career360°.


Please do not hesitate to contact if you have questions.

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