Peer Support Programs



The SMarts Peers program has been created to provide a place for first-year students to connect with and learn from senior students. New students will get the support necessary to have a successful and engaging first year, and gain new skills they can put to use for during the rest of their studies.

Through this program, we aim to provide:

•             Virtual course on BrightSpace where we share tips and tools and send reminders of important academic dates and events

•             SMarts mentors and tutors inside the Arts Common during drop-in time

•             Scheduled workshops on course material and first-year challenges


What are the benefits?

Building peer-to-peer relationships between senior and new students

Informing new students of valuable campus resources early in their degree

Providing reliable source of support and information for new students

The program, led by trained SMarts Peers, is designed to engage new students in a variety of workshops that aim to increase academic performance and confidence. The SMarts Peer aims to provide guidance in the first year through individual meetings and targeted workshops and by connecting students with other resources on campus.

 Wondering who are SMARTS Peers? They’re …

...students! Through employment with SMarts Peers, student leaders are involved in the planning, organization, and operation of events. The program provides student leaders with opportunities to make connections with staff, gain leadership experience and build their co-curricular record.




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