Irish Studies

Irish Studies (IRST)

The D’Arcy McGee Chair of Irish Studies was established at Saint Mary’s University by Dr. Cyril J. Byrne in the spring of 1986 to form a focal point for the study of all aspects of Irish and Irish-Canadian culture, particularly language, literature, history, political science and folklore. Saint Mary’s is the only University in Canada where you can complete an undergraduate degree in Irish Studies.


The Major Program

To obtain a major in Irish Studies, forty-two (42) credit hours are required, including:

Plus twenty-four (24) credit hours, twelve (12) credit hours of which must be at the 3000 level and approved by the Coordinator of Irish Studies.

The Minor Program

The following program constitutes a minor in Irish Studies according to the “Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts” as stated above in Section 3:

Six (6) credit hours in IRST at the 1000 level
Plus eighteen (18) credit hours approved by the Coordinator of Irish Studies.

The Concentration Program

To obtain a concentration in Irish Studies in partial fulfillment of the B.A. General degree (i.e., one with Double Arts Concentrations and a minimum of ninety (90) credit hours), a minimum of twenty-four (24) credit hours in IRST is required; also a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00. Further details are available from the coordinator.