Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

Human Resource Management

Students may pursue a certificate in Human Resource Management through the Faculty of Arts, Business or Science. The Certificate may be taken as part of a degree or as a stand-alone program. Students may enroll in a Certificate in Human Resource Management with either Management or Psychology options. The regulations for the different routes follow.

The certificate has been offered for over 30 years and has been developed in cooperation with professionals in Human Resource Management.  It will prepare students for the Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) designation. Students should be aware that as of 2011, a bachelor's degree will be one of the requirements for the CHRP designation.


Sobey School of Business Bachelor of Commerce with Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations Major

Upon completion of 45 credit hours, Commerce students with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 may elect to declare a major in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations. This major is administered by the Department of Management. Successful completion of the major will automatically fulfill the requirements for the Certificate.

Students are advised that possession of the minimum qualifications does not guarantee admission to a particular academic program. Limits to the number of students who can be in a particular program at any one time exist and depend very much on the number of faculty members available in a particular academic unit.

Year 1

CISY 1225     Introduction to Computer Applications
ECON 1201    Principles of Economics: Micro
ECON 1202    Principles of Economics: Macro
ENGL 1205    Introduction to Literature
MGMT1281    Introduction to Business Management
MGSC 1205   Quantitative Methods I
MGSC 1206   Quantitative Methods II
Nine (9) non-Commerce elective credit hours 

Year 2

ACCT 2241    Introductory Financial Accounting
ACCT 2242    Introductory Managerial Accounting
CMLW 2201   Legal Aspects of Business - Part I
COMM 2293   Communications
MGSC 2207   Introductory Statistics
MGMT 2383   Micro Organizational Behaviour
MGMT 2384   Macro Organizational Behaviour
MKTG 2270   Introduction to Marketing
ECON 3340  Human Resource Economics
Three (3) credit hours in non-Commerce electives 

Year 3

*ACCT 3332 Planning and Control 
FINA 2360     Business Finance I
FINA 3361     Business Finance II
*MGMT 3385 Human Resource Management
*MGMT 3386 Industrial Relations
MGMT 3480 Ethical Responsibilities of Organizations
Twelve (12) credit hours in free electives

 Year 4

*MGMT 4482 Staffing and Selection
*MGMT 4483 Management Skills I
*MGMT 4485 Wage and Salary Administration
*MGMT 4486 Training and Development
MGMT 4489 Strategic Management
Twelve (12) credit hours in non-Commerce electives
Three (3) credit hours in free electives

Note: A minimum GPA of 2.2 out of 4.3 is required in ACCT 3332, MGMT 2383, MGMT 2384, MGMT 3385, MGMT 3386, MGMT 4482, MGMT4483, MGMT 4485 and MGMT 4486 (as indicated above by *).

Certificate in Human Resource Management - Management Option

Students may complete the Certificate alone. Students with courses from previous post-secondary study will be assessed according to the advanced standing procedures of the University (Academic Regulation 20). To be awarded the Certificate, at least fifteen (15) credit hours of the compulsory courses must be completed at Saint Mary’s University. Credit will not automatically be recognized for university courses completed more than ten (10) years prior to the students return to university study.

A minimum cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 in the Human Resource Management Certificate Program courses is required for graduation with the Certificate.

Students must complete the following 30 credit hours of core courses:

Faculties of Arts and Science

Combined Major in Psychology and Certificate in Human Resource Management - Psychology Option

Students who major in Psychology as part of either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree may also obtain a certificate in Human Resource Management by selecting an appropriate set of multidisciplinary courses. The combined program offers students a sound foundation in basic and applied topics relevant to a career or graduate training in the field of Human Resource Management and related areas. Students who enrol in this program are required to take thirty (30) credit hours as specified below. Students should be aware that they may need to take appropriate prerequisite courses before pursuing several of the required courses.

Students who enrol in this combined program are advised to consult the Department of Psychology for detailed information on a prescribed sequence of courses that will allow them to satisfy both the major and certificate requirements within their specific degree program.

Certificate in Human Resource Management - Psychology Option

Students may enroll in the certificate program in Human Resource Management as a stand-alone program, either prior to completing or following completion of a bachelor's degree. The requirements for the stand-alone program are identical to those for the combined major and certificate program. Students without previous university coursework may have to complete prerequisites that are specified for each course, in addition to the required courses. Students with previous university experience may receive up to 15 credit hours for courses that are similar to those required for the certificate.

Please note that some core and elective courses may have prerequisites that are not part of the Certificate.

Students must complete the following thirty (30) credit hours of core courses.