Anne Dalziel, Ph.D.

Anne Dalziel, Ph.D.

B.Sc., Acadia University
M.Sc., Queen's University
Ph.D.,University of British Columbia
PDF, Université Laval
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Saint Mary's University


My lab studies the physiological, biochemical and genetic mechanisms underlying local adaptation in natural populations of animals. We test if similar mechanisms underlie adaptation (over generations) and acclimation (within a lifetime), and if different species use similar physiological solutions to cope with environmental change. Together, this work will help biologists understand how repeatable, and thus predictable, evolutionary change may be. In particular, we study how natural populations of fish evolve to cope with environmental stressors, such as changes in water salinity or migratory requirements. We also collaborate with Dr. Laura Weir’s lab to study evolutionary variation in fish breeding behaviour and nuptial colouration. I teach courses in animal diversity and physiology, including ‘Animal Biology’ (Biol 2304), 'Integrative Vertebrate Physiology' (Biol 3021), ‘Animal Athletic Performance’ (Biol 4407), and our Biology field course (Biol 4448).

If you are interested in working in our lab take a look at my research webpage and then send me a contact email that includes information about your general field of interest and a copy of your curriculum vitae.

Dalziel Lab Research Webpage:

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