Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

1) Bachelor of Arts – Major in Philosophy. The Majors programme is for students who enjoy philosophy and want a good, all-round education but who do not anticipate applying to graduate school in philosophy. Students can declare philosophy their major at the beginning of their second year at university and should do so before the end of their second year.

2) Bachelor of Arts – Honours in Philosophy. The Honours programme is for students who enjoy philosophy and who might decide to continue to study philosophy in a Masters of Arts programme. Students can apply for the Honours programme after having completed 18 credit hours (or the equivalent of 6 half-courses) in philosophy. Standardly, then, a student will apply to the Honours programme at the end of her second year at university.

3) Bachelor of Arts – Minor in Philosophy. Students who enjoy philosophy but are in the Majors or Honours programme of a different discipline can do a minor in philosophy. Students can declare their minor in philosophy during their second year at university. If you are not a philosophy major or Honours student in philosophy, keep track of how many philosophy courses you take. You might find that you can easily accumulate enough credit hours for a minor in philosophy.

4) Bachelor of Arts – General (Concentration in Philosophy). This is a three-year (rather than four-year) Bachelor of Arts degree. Students who enjoy philosophy and are seeking  the General Bachelor degree can make philosophy one of their two concentrations. Students should declare philosophy one of their concentrations early in their second year at university.

The philosophy department offers a Pre-Law option for Philosophy Majors and Honours students who might consider law school or related professional training. And the department offers a Double Honours programme in Philosophy and Physics.