Dr. Myles McCallum

Dr. Myles McCallum

Myles McCallum is an Associate Professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Classics at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Canada. He received his PhD in Classics from the University at Buffalo, SUNY, in 2005, and has taught at Buffalo State College, Wesleyan University (Connecticut), the University of Connecticut, and the University of Nevada, Reno. He specializes in Roman archaeology and history, and he teaches courses at Saint Mary’s on these subjects, as well as Classical mythology, ancient Greek and Roman literature, and Latin. 


He has published on archaeological ceramics, Pompei, Roman imperialism in southern Italy, Italian urbanism, Roman villas, and Roman imperial properties. He is the director of the Basentello Valley Archaeological Research Project in Puglia (along with Dr. Hans vanderLeest of Mount Allison University), the Villa of Titus Excavations in the Apennines of Lazio (along with Dr. Martin Beckmann of McMaster University), and a collaborator on the Queen's University excavations at Caere on the Tyrrhenian coast of Italy. His research looks at the role played by imperial properties in the cultural development and social organization of rural Italy, cultural agency and the development of urbanism in Italy during the Republican period, and economic archaeology.   


He is currently working on an edited volume on the urban archaeology of Italy in the Republic period, Diverging Trajectories, the final excavation report for San Felice, an edited volume on the social organization of imperial properties in Italy, and archaeological reports related to research at the Villa of Titus. 


Myles received a SSHRC junior scholar research grant in 2009 for his work at the Roman site of San Felice in southeastern Italy and, in the spring of 2011, along with co-applicants from St. Francis Xavier University, McMaster University, and Mount Allison University, was awarded a three-year standard research grant (2010 – 2013) from SSHRC for research related to the study of cultural interaction, regional identity, and hybridization in the Basentello River Valley of Puglia and Basilicata (Italy). He currently holds a SSHRC Insight Grant 2019 - 2024), along with Martin Beckmann, for his reexamining Roman villas project. He has also been awarded a Loeb Classical Library Foundation Fellowship from July of 2020 to June of 2021, to examine the archaeological end environmental evidence for religious activities at Lacus Cutiliae (Lago di Paterno) in central Italy. 


Since 2009, he has also been an Associate and then Co-Editor for Mouseion, the journal of the Classical Association of Canada.  https://utorontopress.com/ca/mouseion 



Recent Publications 


Myles McCallum, M. Beckmann, M. Munro, S. Nardelli, and G. Baker (forthcoming, 2020) "The excavations of the so-called Villa of Titus (Castel Sant’Angelo, Rieti)," Fasti Online Documents and Research  


Myles McCallum, M. Beckmann, S. Nardelli, and M. Munro (2019) “The excavations of the so-called Villa of Titus (Castel Sant’Angelo, Rieti)”, Fasti Online Documents and Research, 435, www.fastionline.org/docs/FOLDER-it-2019-435.pdf 


Peter Wigand, Myles McCallum (2017) “The Varying Impact of Land Use and Climate in Holocene Landscape Dynamics in the Mezzogiorno,” in Athens Journal of Mediterranean Studies, 3.2: 121-150 


Myles McCallum, Nicholas Parsons, Hans vanderLeest, Giuseppe Garofalo, Luigi Zotta (2015) “The Basentello Valley Archaeological Research Project, July – August 2014 (Comuni di Genzano di Lucania and Irsina, Province di Potenza and Matera, Regione Basilicata),” Papers of the British School at Rome, 83: 319 – 323  


Myles McCallum, Hans vanderLeest, and Adam Hyatt (2014) “San Felice and the Basentello Valley Archaeological Research Project, July – August 2013 (Comune di Gravina in Puglia, Provincia di Bari, Regione Puglia),” Papers in the British School at Rome, 82: 338 – 343  


Myles McCallum and J. vanderLeest. (2013) “San Felice and the Basentello Valley Archaeological Research Project, July–August 2012,” Papers of the British School at Rome, 81: 371 – 374   


Myles McCallum and J. vanderLeest. (2012) “Excavations at San Felice, July – August, 2011,” Papers of the British School at Rome, 80: 376 – 378  


Myles McCallum, J. vanderLeest, R. Veal, A Taylor, L. Brown, W. Cooney, and M. Munro. (2011), “A Preliminary Report on Field Work at San Felice (Bari, Italy), 2004 – 2010”, Mouseion, Series 3, 11.2: 25 – 108 


McCallum, Myles (2010) “The Supply of Stone to the City of Rome: A Case Study of the Transport of Anician Building Stone and Millstone from the Santa Trinità Quarry (Orvieto).” In Trade and Exchange: Archaeological Studies from History and Prehistory, C. White and C. Dillian, eds. Springer: New York, 75-94 


McCallum, Myles and J.T. Peña (2010) “A Reassessment of the Two Pottery Workshops at Pompeii: 1.20.2-3 and the Via Superior,”Rei Cretariae Romanae Fautores Acta 41, 229-238 


Peña, J.T. and Myles McCallum (2009a) “The Production and Distribution of Pottery at Pompeii: A Review of the Evidence. Part 1: Production.” American Journal of Archaeology, 112.1, 57-79 


Peña, J.T. and Myles McCallum (2009b) “The Production and Distribution of Pottery at Pompeii: A Review of the Evidence. Part 2: Distribution.” American Journal of Archaeology, 112.3, 165-201 


Myles McCallum and J. vanderLeest (2009) “Excavations at San Felice, July 2008,” Papers of the British School at Rome, 77: 326-327 


Myles McCallum and J. vanderLeest (2008) “Excavations at San Felice, July 2006,” Papers of the British School at Rome, 76: 332-333 



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