Dr. Andrés Arteaga

Dr. A. Arteaga

Dr. Andres Arteaga

Andrés Arteaga (BA in Psychology. Universidad de Antioquia) (MA in Psychoanalysis. Université de Paris 8) (PhD in Spanish and Latin American Literature University of Ottawa (2012). In 2009 he joined Saint Mary's University where he currently work as Assistant Professor at the Spanish and Latin American Studies Program. In 2013 -2014 he was invited to be visiting professor at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellin Colombia to teach undergraduate courses on Spanish literature and a graduate seminar on psychoanalysis and literature at the doctoral program in social sciences. He has been also guest speaker at the Universidad de San Buenaventura in Cali (Colombia) at the Master program in Psychoanalysis.

In 2012 he was awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Research scholarship (Metropolis Pilot Grant) to conduct research on trauma and writing among Latin Americans in Canada and victims of political violence in Colombia.

In 2013 he coedited the book Notas Viajeras: Escritura de Viajes y testimonio (Broken Jaw Press) with a collection of short stories, poems and testimony from Latin American authors living in Canada.

In 2016 he published a book from his research project on Trauma, creative writing and Historical Memory in Medellin, Colombia with victims of violence and with archive materials from the Museo Casa de la Memoria. His main research areas are the Literature produced after extreme social violence, natural disasters or sociopolitical crisis focusing on Colombia and Mexico.

At Saint Mary´s University he teaches undergraduate courses on Spanish Language, Latin American Culture and Contemporary Hispanic Literature. He is also the Spanish Study Abroad Program Coordinator.


Arteaga, Andrés.Melancolía y desvanecimiento del yo en la obra de Álvaro Mutis.  (In progress)

Edited books

Arteaga, Andrés. Refugio del Fenix / Phoenix Haven. Writings about war and reconciliation in Colombia. Fredericton: Broken Jaw Press, 2016.

Arteaga, Andrés, and Rozotto, David. Notas Viajeras. Escritura de viajes y testimonio. Nuevos Autores Latino-Canadienses. Fredericton: Brokenjaw Press, 2013. Print.

 Peer reviewed chapter of a book

Arteaga, Andrés, and Esleben, Joerg. “The Myth of Enlightment in Preindependence New Grenada: José Celestino Mutis and Alexander Von Humboldt Encounter in 1801” In: Oliver Lubrich, Christine Knoop (eds.). Cumaná 1799.Alexander von Humboldt’s travels between Europe and the Americas, Bielefeld: Aisthesis [Germany], 2013. pp.231 – 243. Print.

 Peer reviewed articles

 Arteaga, Andrés.“Melancolía y desvanecimiento del yo en el poema “El husar” (1953) de Álvaro Mutis”. Affectio Societatis. Revista de Psicoanálisis. Departamento de Psicoanálisis. Universidad de Antioquia. Vol. 11. N.21. (2014): 9-25. Print.

 Arteaga, Andrés.“El cuerpo travesti como urdimbre neobarroca y desecho en la novela Cobra (1972) de Severo Sarduy".Affectio Societatis. Revista de Psicoanálisis. Departamento de Psicoanálisis. Universidad de Antioquia Vol. 5 N. 9 (2008): 12 pg. Web. June 15 2015.


 Arteaga, Andrés, Martins Gamma, Lucas. “The concept of cultural transfers and reflections about Brazilian versions of English rock songs” Diálogos. Revista de Estudos Culturais e da contemporaneidade. UPE/ Faceteg – Garanhuns – PE – Brasil N.10 (2013): 22 pg. Web. June 15 2015.

 Courses taught at Saint Mary's University since 2009

 SPAN 4400.Dictatorship and memory in Latin American Literature.

SPAN 3320. Latin American Travel Literature

SPAN 3310. Latin American Culture

SPAN 3303. Advance Oral and Written Spanish I

SPAN 3312. Introduction to Latin American Literature

SPAN 3307. Advance Spanish Conversation trough Film

SPAN 2204. Intermediate Spanish I 

SPAN 2205. Intermediate Spanish II

SPAN1100. Introduction to Spanish Language


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