Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Custom Cartographic Services

  • Maps, Graphs, Diagrams
  • Professional Quality
  • Design and Drafting
  • Fast Turnaround
  • All Digital Formats

We Offer

Fully qualified staff who will design from your sketches or specifications, or alternatively draft directly from your design. We can handle graphic work, but we specialize in maps, graphs, and diagrams for academic publications, and in book design.

Fully computerized input, drafting, and output. We can accept a range of formats for digital input, or alternatively, we can create digital files from hard-copy orginals or our own designs. We can deliver products via E-mail or on CD, again in a range of formats, or provide you with hard-copy output. We can also assist you to incorporate our digital products in electronic publications.

Choice and Flexibility. We provide hard-copy or electronic products, in colour or monochrome, delivered locally or around the world. Expect rapid turnaround on all jobs and modifications.

Highly Competitive Rates. We will quote you based on an hourly rate of $25.00, and we will guarantee our quote.

Our Staff

Department Cartographer:

Mr. Will Flanagan
Burke 200E

Contact Will for more information or quote.