Teaching Assistants

Student Teaching Assistant Jobs

Every year, the Department of Chemistry employs registered Saint Mary’s University Science Students as Teaching Assistants (TAs) to help with the operation of specific courses/labs. Some positions are highly interactive and involve answering student questions or running demonstrations during classes or labs, while other positions require low- to no-student-interaction (e.g., marking labs and quizzes).

How to Apply 

  1. REVIEW all requirements for each of the available TA Jobs listed (see TA Job Descriptions).
    • Many of our TA jobs are now ONLINE TA JOBS and all applicants must meet the requirements for these jobs.
  2. Apply for the Chemistry Department Available TA Jobs by completing our TA Application Package; "dropped-off" applications are no longer accepted.
    • Unofficial SMU transcripts ARE required from students registered in undgrad/dipolma progams. Please include your unofficial SMU transcript when submitting your TA Application Package (by email) to chemstry@smu.ca.

The TA application deadline has ended.  However, of the remaining jobs available, applications will continue to be accepted until those spots have been filled.

TA Jobs

Due to final registration numbers, or changes to course delivery, some currently advertised jobs may no longer be available.

TA Job Descriptions

Please review each Job Description as there have been some modifications; particularly with regards to the “availability requirements” of the job.


Other Opportunities

From time to time the Chemistry Department recieves requests from various faculty members and off-campus organizations.  Additional non-sponsored Department of Chemistry external employment opportunities maybe advertised here.  Any person interested in these positions are encouraged to apply as per the instructions in the advertised jobs.  All queries related to the advertised jobs should be directed to the advertising organization; applications directed to the Chemistry Department will not receive a reply nor will they be forwarded to the advertising organization.

Teaching Term Appointment Position in Environmental Science-Chemistry; Application Deadline: April 30, 2021; contact email: ssedean@grenfell.mun.ca

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