Zhongmin Dong, Ph.D.

Zhongmin Dong, Ph.D.


B. Sc., Shaanxi Normal University, Xian
M. Sc., Peking University, Beijing
Ph. D., Carleton University, Ottawa
Post Doctoral, Queen's University, Kingston
Professor, Department of Biology, Saint Mary's University


Research Program: The interrelationships between root systems and rhizosphere organisms.

Plant-microbe interactions in rhizosphere have a profound effect on plant health, and yield. Through the selective release of exudates plants activate and sustain specific rhizobacterial communities in the root zone. In turn, rhizobacteria are able to positively influence plant establishment, growth and development. Many agricultural practices to enhance plant production, such as crop rotation, intercropping, and land management, are actually developed to promote the beneficial soil microbial communities. My research has been in the general field of interrelationships between root systems and rhizosphere organisms. The long-term objective of my study is to have a better understanding of the mutual beneficial relationships between plants and microorganisms, and eventually apply the knowledge gained in my study to enhance agricultural production.

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