Department of Anthropology

Here you can find information about Saint Mary's anthropology programs, resources for current students, and news and events from the department.

What is anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of people - through all time and space - as both biological and cultural animals. The four subdisciplines traditionally distinguished are represented by our faculty and curriculum: Biological, including Forensic, Anthropology; Linguistic Anthropology; Archaeology; and Socio-cultural Anthropology.

Watch this video, created by Anthropology honours student Randi Green in 2013, for more information on Anthropology at SMU.  

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The /nakailenga /(initiation ceremony) of Sari Amaring Napes, Ongaia village, Kilenge, West New Britain, Papua New Guinea, during a 1982 occurrence of the Sia ceremonial cycle.
Photo by M. Zelenietz


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