Classics Program

Information for Prospective Students

Why study Classics?

Studying Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations can reveal the answers to some of society’s modern challenges. Classics is the study of the ancient Mediterranean world. It is one of the core topics in the humanities, providing students with a broad perspective on the origins of western literature, art, architecture, philosophy, and religion.

The Saint Mary’s approach

Develop insight into what it means to be human within the context of ancient Greek, Roman and Near Eastern societies. In studying the classics, you will also develop valuable critical thinking and writing skills. The Classics program at Saint Mary’s University focuses on elements of the social history, archaeology, art, and architecture of ancient Greece and Rome.

Hands-on learning

In Classics, you’ll have the chance to participate in a field school, held at the Roman imperial villa site of San Felice (Puglia), Italy. Get first-hand insight into the nature of imperial landholdings in south Italy, including issues related to commerce and slavery, and the process of cultural changes. You’ll take part in an archaeological research project and learn field and laboratory techniques including excavation, field survey, and artifacts processing, environmental archaeology, photography, drawing, and artifact analysis.

Future career opportunities:

Many Classics students go on to fulfilling careers in law, museum studies, education, management, publishing, journalism, or archaeology. Here are some examples of future career opportunities:

  • Archeologist
  • Journalist
  • Archivist
  • Writer
  • Art critic
  • Teacher
  • Lawyer

Sample courses offered:

  • Ancient Civilizations of Greece and Rome
  • An Introduction to Greek Art and Archaeology
  • Bloody Caesars: Roman History II
  • Greek History I: I: From Minos to the Medes
  • A Survey of Roman Art and Archaeology
  • Pompeii

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