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ARTS 1000: Arts Beyond Boundaries

*NEW* for Fall/Winter 2021-2022 

ARTS 1000 6.0 (full year)
Virtual Synchronous format
M/W 1:00 - 2:15 pm, with Monday lectures and seminar components on Wednesdays

ARTS 1000: Arts Beyond Boundaries is a new course designed to introduce incoming first-year students to university learning in the liberal arts. Inspired by a central theme that changes each year, a team of faculty introduces students to approaches and methods from across the disciplines. You'll engage with ideas and issues from around the world and throughout history, while gaining research skills and exploring potential future outcomes of an Arts degree. This full-year course is open only to incoming first-year students in the Faculty of Arts and may, in consultation with the Arts advisors, count toward your B.A. Breadth Requirements.

Monsters and Myths is the course's theme for 2021-22. You'll consider myths about monsters, such as the morally monstrous; monsters across different cultural and historical traditions; monsters in popular culture; serial killers as real life monsters; kid-friendly monsters; monstrous politics; gender, sexuality and the monstrous; crime and monstrosity; cybermonsters; monsters as shapers of knowledge and community; racism, exclusion and making the monstrous “other.”

The 2021-2022 course will be delivered by:
• Michele Byers (Women & Gender Studies)
• Scott Edgar (Philosophy)
• Rylan Higgins (Anthropology)
• Sailaja Krishnamurti (Religious Studies)

How to register
Look for “Arts First Year” in the Banner drop-down menu. You'll need to enroll in a both the lecture and seminar sections for each term. Note that some seminars will be offered in person, while others will be remote.


Minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Starting in September 2021, Saint Mary's will be the only university in Atlantic Canada to offer a Minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. This new interdisciplinary minor will allow students to choose elective courses from their own major, as well as from other programs and disciplines. It's designed to work with your major, helping you develop a range of skills that will enhance your primary academic focus.

Students in the minor will earn at least twenty-four (24) credit hours (8 courses) in relevant courses, including a structured core of four (4) WGSS courses, and four (4) elective courses drawn from an extensive list from a variety of departments and programs. Learn more about the new Minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies in the Academic Calendar. 

Minor in Global Environmental Politics

This new minor encourages a deeper understanding of pressing environmental issues impacting the world, from climate change to the politics of globalization. Launched in September 2020, the program is jointly offered by the Department of Political Science, the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, and the International Development Studies Program. It's designed to explore the many intersections among studies of the environment, human geography, international relations, global governance and international development. Students also have an opportunity to participate in the Model United Nations.

Learn more about the Minor in Global Environmental Politics.

Poster promoting the Global Environmental Politics minor  

Minor in British Studies

The Minor in British Studies provides Saint Mary’s students with an opportunity to specialize in the literature and history of Britain. Introduced in September 2019, it is jointly offered by the Department of History and the Department of English Language & Literature. This dedicated minor brings together courses covering a wide array of literature and history from the Act of Union in 1707 to the present. It covers topics such as nationalism, imperialism, law, popular culture, and the Black British experience, as well as the genres of poetry, fiction, film, and drama. 


Other special topics to explore

For the most current program and course information, please refer to the Academic Calendar.  


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