Strategic Research Plan

Aside from meeting the prescribed requirements of certain funding programs of the Government of Canada (e.g., the Canada Research Chairs Program), Saint Mary’s SRP serves several other roles for the University. It identifies to a broad audience the University’s overall research mission and objectives, and also recognizes specific research themes in which we have particular strength. It also serves as a guide when we plan for future resources investments (human, financial and physical) in our research activities.

While Saint Mary’s SRP identifies Major Research Themes, it is not an exclusionary document. While the Major Research Themes represent areas of particular strength of the University, the broad scope of the research enterprise of Saint Mary’s requires that we should always be open to strategic opportunities that will enable advancement of our overall research mission and objectives. For example, newly emerging research opportunities/clusters at Saint Mary’s include the interdisciplinary study of culture, retail studies, and applied economics.

The Associate Vice President Research is responsible in assessing the University’s progress in meeting the objectives set out in the SRP. This will be done on at least an annual basis and will be communicated to the University community through reports to bodies such as Faculty Councils, Senate and the Board of Governors, as well as the University’s website.

The 2012 Strategic Research Plan‌

Renewal of Saint Mary’s University Strategic Research Plan