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Whether you're looking for an academic program and courses on sustainability or curious about sustainability related research Saint Mary's has a lot to offer.  


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Academic Programs


At Saint Mary’s University, we believe you shouldn’t have to keep business separate from pleasure, or in this case interests away from your academics. This is why we have created a series of courses aimed directly at environmental concerns and global sustainability. Whether it turns into an area of study, or just an interesting elective, there is something for the most passionate and a course for the slightly skeptical. Browse our green friendly courses listed below; you’ll be glad you did.

Many of these programs are offered as part of the renowned Saint Mary's School of the Environment.

Academic Programs Related to Sustainability:




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Research Programs

programs-image-5gents of Change: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

At the same time that Saint Mary’s implements programs to improve the sustainability of day-to-day operations through recycling, composting, reduced energy consumption, and alternative transportation, our faculty is thinking ahead and in many cases beyond the borders of this country as they develop exciting new research inroads for departments as diverse as Chemistry and Economics.

  • With founding director, Dr. Tony Charles (Department of Environmental Science) at the helm, the not-for-profit, Ocean Management Resource Network collaborates, promotes, and shares leading-edge interdisciplinary research and management practices on a wide range of oceans-related issues.Led by the Director of the School of the Environment, Dr. Tony Charles, the Community Conservation Research Network is a worldwide project that supports local communities in combining environmental conservation with sustainable jobs.
  • The Community Based Environmental Monitoring Network headed by Dr. Cathy Conrad, from the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, provides the expertise and equipment to help individuals, community groups and other organizations assume responsibility for their own environmental monitoring.
  • Economics Chair, Dr. Martha MacDonald’s work with the Community-University Research for Recovery Alliance (CURRA), supports regional efforts to develop and implement a recovery strategy for fish stocks and fishery communities along Newfoundland's west coast.
  • Dr. Kevin Vessey, Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research and Dr. Zhongmin Dong, of the Department of Biology are project leaders for the Green Crop Network, a Canadian research network for sustainable management of greenhouse gas (GHG) in agricultural production systems.
  • Saint Mary’s Maritimes Centre for Green Chemistry brings together chemists who work on troubling environmental problems and develop environmentally safer substances that reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals

The Saint Mary’s community has an important role to play in the University’s contribution to a sustainable world. From their work with biodegradable plastics, alternative energy sources, international development and avian behavioural ecology to developments in aquaculture resource management, green roof technology and the environmental monitoring of water, chemicals and coastal ecosystems, our faculty and researchers are making a difference!


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