About Saint Mary's

Neighbourhood Committee

The goal of the Pride In Your Shared Neighbourhood Committee is to help foster a positive relationship between Saint Mary's University students and our neighbours as we work together to build a better community.

The committee made up of students, staff, neighbours and HRM representatives who care about the places where we live, work and study. Our main focus is on getting to know one another and working together to make the community the best it can be.

We work year round to educate students on the responsibilities of being a good neighbour and to make neighbours aware of the contributions students make to the community. This is accomplished through:

  • Educational material
  • Awareness sessions
  • Meetings
  • Fun activities

Talk to us

We would love to hear your suggestions on ways to create partnerships and to resolve issues within the community. Read our Community Updates or contact us for a chat.

Committee members

  • Manager, University Security
  • Community Response Officer, Halifax Regional Police
  • Sarah Morris, Assistant Director, Student Services (Chair)
  • Kati Kilfoil, Assistant Director, Residence Life & Neighbour
  • Joy Samuel, Counselling Assistant/Neighbour
  • Bridget Brownlow, Conflict Resolution Advisor
  • Waye Mason, Halifax City Councilor & Neighbour
  • Kathy MacFarlane, Operations Manager, Athletics & Recreation
  • President, SMUSA