Travel Information


We encourage you to review the University Travel Policies in advance of your planned travel. You may also wish to review the Hospitality and Entertainment Policies.

The Reimbursement Form is used to repay you for personally paid and allowable expenses you have incurred while on business with, or on behalf of the University.  A Quick Reference Guide will help you to determine which receipts you will need to support your claim.

Additional information within this site includes:

Exchange Rates

Per Diem Rates

International Per Diem Rates

Personal Vehicle Rates

Travel Registration

Information for University staff and faculty on how to rent a car for University business can be found on SMUport.

There can be IT concerns when you travel internationally.  Please visit ITSS International Travel Advice for tips on how to keep yourself cyber-safe on your trip.

If you need additional assistance please contact Tracey Randem at 902-420-5464 or    

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