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Parking applications for the Fall/Winter 2020/2021 parking season will open on August 24th, 2020. If you do not already have a parking profile on our new Ops-Com system, please click on the link below to create one. If you have an existing account, please log on and purchase a parking permit on or after August 24th. You will have the option of paying online with a credit card, or you can select the Payroll Deduction option. We will be adding a fillable payroll form to be filled out and sent back to Facilities Management for processing. If you DO NOT need a parking permit until January, please wait until then to pay for your parking. 



Please be advised as of February 1st, we will be switching over to our new parking system. Your current parking pass is no longer needed to park on campus. If you purchased a parking permit from Facilities Management, a user login would have been created and provided to you in December. With that said, your license plate is now seen as your parking permit. If you are a new Staff or Faculty member and would like a permit, please do so by clicking on the above link and create a user profile. From there, you can purchase a virtual parking permit, and then visit Facilities Management for payment. Your parking permit will not be valid until we process the payment on our end. 


Please note: Parking on campus without a valid permit may lead to ticketing and/or an immobilization boot. You will not be issued a parking permit until ALL outstanding violations have been paid.

Purchasing an above ground parking permit does not guarantee you a parking spot. We suggest arriving on campus as early as possible, leaving yourself enough time to find a parking space in one of our 8 parking lots. Permits are not valid at parking meters or in pay & display spots. Parking in an accessible space is only valid when your SMU permit is accoumpanied by a Registry of Motor Vehicle's Mobility Disabled Identification Permit plate or tag. Overnight parking is prohibited for above ground permits.


Payroll Deduction, Payment details

Permit purchase for 2020/2021 begins on August 24th on our Ops-Com website. Please visit https://smu.ops-com.com/register to register for a parking permit. If you are already a permit holder and have an account on Ops-Com, please log on and select a permit for the 2020/2021 parking season.

  • If you plan to pay through payroll deduction you will need fill out the online form and send it back to Facilities Management for processing.
  • If you applied for Underground, you will be contacted within 5 business days.



Parking Permit Overview 

Staff, Faculty (Full-Time & Part-Time) and Professional Librarian permits are sold as 12 month (valid from September 1 to August 31).

Part time faculty members are eligible for one complimentary above ground permit per year. If requesting an underground permit, the cost will be at the full time faculty rate.

Application dates:

Applications open:

  • General and motorcycle permits - August 24th, 2020 at 12:00AM
  • Underground permits (residents of SMU only) - August 24th, 2020

Please note, you will not be contacted for confirmation of application receipt or approval unless otherwise stated.



General Above Ground


  • Staff - $503
  • Full-time Faculty & Professional Librarian - $547
  • Part-time Faculty - Complimentary (with presentation of employment contract)




  • Staff, Faculty & Professional Librarian - $83
  • Part-time Faculty - See below**

**Part-time Faculty may receive this permit complimentary if it is the only permit they are choosing.


With payment of an underground parking permit, you will be issued an assigned parking space. Underground permits are not valid for use above ground.


  • Staff, Faculty (Full & Part-time) and Professional Librarian - $836




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