Conflict Resolution Office

Saint Mary's University is committed to promoting an environment, free from discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, based on the protected characteristics set out in the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act.

Discrimination and harassment undermines our mission by discouraging individuals from fully participating in academic and professional work. It negates the principles of university life, is against the law, and will not be condoned at Saint Mary's University. It is the responsibility of all members of the University community to contribute to a respectful environment for work and study.

Preventing Harassment and Discrimination

Saint Mary's University's Policy on Conflict Resolution, Harassment and Discrimination‌ has three objectives:

  • To prevent discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, on grounds protected by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act
  • To provide procedures for handling complaints, remedying situations, and imposing discipline when such discrimination and harassment do occur
  • To use best practices in Conflict Resolution or Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR).

This policy applies to all members of the University community, including:

  • students
  • administrators
  • faculty and staff
  • permanent sub-contractors
  • consultants
  • volunteers
  • anyone else who is acting in a recognized or sanctioned capacity

The policy also applies to incidents that occur in the course of work or study, or participation in University-sponsored events held on campus, at a satellite campus or learning center, or off-campus. Examples of off-campus settings include, but are not limited to field trips, athletic team road trips, conferences or training events, and university-sponsored social functions.

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