About Saint Mary's


Every September, Halifax becomes home to large numbers of students. It is important that you and your neighbours respect each other’s rights to quality of life and the enjoyment of your own properties. Below are some of the by-laws to keep in mind:


Everyone has the right to enjoy their properties without being unreasonably disturbed by loud noise, which can include:

  • Loud parties
  • Loud music or heavy bass levels
  • Loud televisions
  • Loud voices from a house or pedestrians

This by-law is in effect 24-hours a day.

1st offence: $445

2nd offence: $905

3rd offence: $1250


You may be fined for the following situations:

  • Illegally possessing liquor
    (Includes possessing liquor underage or having open liquor in public)
  • Underage drinking
  • Being drunk in a public place
  • Allowing drunkenness to take place in any house or any premises you own, rent or live in
    No fine – you must go to court.

You do not have to be drunk to be charged for illegally possessing liquor or underage drinking. If you are drunk, you can be charged and/or held until you sober up.

Mischief and property damage

Mischief and property damage is serious and can carry jail time of up to two years. Most commonly, it includes:

  • Breaking or damaging property such as windows, railings or gardens
  • Interfering with someone else’s enjoyment of their property


A disturbance includes things like:

  • Screaming, fighting, swearing or being drunk in public
  • Indecently exposing yourself in public

You may be fined or spend up to six months in jail.


Call 311 for more information on Halifax’s by-laws.