Zach Day

Director of Sales and Operations, The Stevens Company

As co-president of the Sobey EMBA Class of 2021, Zach Day had numerous opportunities to collaborate and work with other members of his cohort. He says his EMBA colleagues were “a wealth of knowledge and experience.” 

Zach is proud that he and his colleagues were “able to maintain a high quality of work during one of the most challenging times.” Key to their success was their consistent support of one another. “I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with them,” he says. 

As Director of Sales and Operations at the Stevens Company, Zach plans to continue to thrive with the company, using the knowledge and skills he’s gained during the EMBA experience to make himself an even more valuable asset to the company. One of the biggest lessons he will take away is “the need to take a step back when working on a project” to come back with a fresh perspective when you’re stuck.