Michelle Clare

Regional Vice President, RBC

Michelle Clare

Michelle Clare’s last 18 months have been a busy mix of her demanding career, active community involvement and the Sobey EMBA program. The whirlwind nature of these demands allowed her to exercise effective prioritization, strategic planning and structured time blocking. 

She says she is proud that she was able to accomplish her goals, meeting the challenges presented by the pandemic, full-time work and other obligations head on.  

As Regional Vice President at RBC, Michelle plans to continue to work and grow with her organization but will maintain a “strategic and thoughtful” approach to her daily tasks using some of the skills sharpened by her EMBA. “I’m excited to put into practice all that I learned in a practical way.” 

A major highlight of the Sobey EMBA experience was learning from her peers, particularly as part of a small female group that helped support her throughout the program. “I learned something from each person and the experience was invaluable.”