Liam Campbell

Director, Finance Systems & Data Governance, Sobeys Inc.


Liam Campbell says the Sobey EMBA significantly changed his approach to problem-solving, helping him break down complex problems faster than before. “I now consider the evidence as a matter of habit, which has improved the quality of my decisions,” he says.  

He says the skills and knowledge he honed during the EMBA program will help him map out his next career steps. Liam learned a lot from all of his classmates and says that they all embodied the spirit of the Sobey MBA program. “Our cohort included individuals with a variety of backgrounds, experiences and skillsets. The highlight of my EMBA experience was learning from each of these individuals, which I believe has made me a better leader and person.” 

Liam says the program was challenging, and between the COVID-19 pandemic and the pressures of work, family and school, he and his classmates had to work together to excel. “My classmates and I overcame this challenge and I think we should all be incredibly proud of ourselves.”