Kristopher H. Doyon

Laboratory Manager, Essilor Canada 

Kris Doyon

“At the outset, it was daunting to take my place in a room full of so many accomplished and motivated people.” But as Kris Doyon looks back on his time in the program, he says it was a formative experience. “In the end, I learned from and was challenged by my classmates in a way that brought out my best efforts in a demanding and engaging environment.” 

The support he received from his family and his Sobey EMBA colleagues was critical, allowing him to overcome the challenges of balancing the EMBA, work and family life in the midst of COVID-19. “In addition to the time management required of an EMBA, the pandemic challenged our cohort to succeed under highly uncertain conditions,” Kris says. “We can take great confidence from this experience as we look to the future”  

Kris says the EMBA has encouraged him to consider a wide range of possibilities for the future of his career. “The EMBA program allowed me to reflect on future opportunities where I could thrive in a leadership role. Further, the program has fostered an interest in marketing, operations or finance. Regardless of the role, I’ll always feel at home working for firms with strong social mandates.