Keegan Drummond

Key Account Manager, Source Atlantic


Now that Keegan Drummond has completed his Sobey EMBA, he says he is looking forward to moving “onward and upward.” More specifically, he would like to move into a managerial role after career success in a sales-focused position.

Among the many skills he honed during the EMBA program, Keegan says time management sticks out as one of the most essential: “With the demand of school, work and family life, it was critical to learn how to complete the required material with limited time.”

Keegan says the EMBA class of 2021 was strongly assisted by their ability to adapt and handle the changes and limitations that came along with taking the program during the COVID pandemic. EMBA faculty also contributed, helping the class of 2021 navigate a uniquely challenging and unexpected year.

Keegan gives a special shout-out to the class of 2021 co-presidents, who he says balanced work, EMBA studies and advocacy for their classmates. He says he is most proud of the fact that he and his classmates “were able to keep the program going without delay, despite the pandemic.”