Hussein Diab-Ghanem

Vice-President – Operations, Citco Canada Inc. 

Hussein Diab-Ghanem

When Hussein Diab-Ghanem is asked about the biggest lesson from his Sobey EMBA experience, he quotes Aristotle: “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” In other words, he says, “You can accomplish far more as a team than you can by yourself.” 

The major highlight of Hussein’s experience was collaborating with his classmates and faculty to excel despite difficult circumstances. He says resilience was needed to tackle a challenging program “while juggling everything else life threw at us in the past year.”  

As he moves forward with his career, Hussein looks forward to “applying a strategic and evidence-based mindset as a leader and as part of a team of talented individuals.” He says that “thinking critically and soliciting ideas from my peers will always lead to better decisions.”  

Hussein was impressed by his classmates and faculty, specifically their “adaptability to rapidly changing demands in our professional, academic and personal lives.”  

“We were all in it together, we excelled together and we all finished together. EMBA 2021!”