Giampietro Follador

Director of Production, Irving Shipbuilding


Giampietro Follador says his greatest lesson from the Sobey EMBA experience was “how critical and essential the ethical aspect of business” is to the successful management of a company.

Giampietro admires his classmates, some of whom he described as “humble, capable and highly professional” and focused not just on advancing in their careers, but also on making things better for their communities. He was also impressed by the collaboration between teams and the interesting diversity among his classmates in terms of professional experience and business backgrounds.

“Being a manager requires vision. This means being able to navigate “out of the box” in a space of opportunities and risks. The SMU EMBA helped me build the compass to safely navigate in this wonderful space,” said Giampietro.

Now that he has completed his EMBA, Giampietro would like to advance in his career. His ultimate goal would be to become VP or COO in a large organization. He says he is also interested in someday creating and running his own company.

Giampietro says that when he thinks of his EMBA experience, he is most proud of his ability to go back to school and successfully reutilize and improve his study methods.