Kathryn Ervine

Faculty of Arts
International Development Studies

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Scholarly Contributions

Journal Articles

Ervine Kate. "Carbon Markets, Debt, and Uneven Development", Third World Quarterly Forthcoming (Winter - 2013), FC
Ervine Kate. "The Politics and Practice of Carbon Offsetting: Silencing Dissent", New Political Science 34(1) (Winter - 2012), 1-20
Ervine Kate. "Conservation and Conflict: The Intensification of Property Rights Disputes under Market-Based Conservation in Chiapas, Mexico", Journal of Political Ecology 18(2011) (Winter - 2011), 66-80
Ervine Kate. "Participation Denied: The Global Environment Facility, its Universal Blueprint, and the Mexico-Mesoamerican Biological Corridor in Chiapas", Third World Quarterly 31(5) (Winter - 2010), 773-790
Ervine Kate. "The Greying of Green Governance: Power Politics and the Global Environment Facility", Capitalism, Nature, Socialism 18(4) (Winter - 2007), 125-142