Elissa Asp

Coord Linguistics
Faculty of Arts

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Scholarly Contributions


Asp Elissa, deVilliers Jessica. "When Language Breaks Down: Analysing discourse in clinical contexts" (Winter - 2010)

Journal Articles

Tremblay A., Asp E., Johnson A., Małgorzata Z., Bardouille T., Newman A.. "What the Networks Tell us about Serial and Parallel Processing: An MEG Study of Language Networks and N-gram Frequency Effects in Overt Picture Description", Cortex (Summer - 2015)
McMurtry C., Chambers C., McGrath P., Asp E.. "When “don't worry” communicates fear: Children's perceptions of parental reassurance and distraction during a painful medical procedure", Pain 150 (Fall - 2010), 52-58
Asp E., Song X., Rockwood K.. "Self referential tags in the discourse of people with Alzheimer's Disease", Brain and Language 97, 1 (Winter - 2006), 41-52
Asp E., Asp E., Cloutier F., Fay S., Cook C., Robertson M-L., Fisk J., Dei D-W., Rockwood K.. , International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 26 (Winter - 2006), 426-431
McMurtry M, McGrath P, Asp E, C. Chambers. "Parental Reassurance and Pediatric Procedural Pain: A Linguistic Description", The Journal of Pain in press (Winter - 2006), in press

Conference Proceedings

Thomas C., Keselj V., Cercone N., Rockwood K., Asp E.. "Automatic Detection and Rating of Dementia of Alzheimer Type through Lexical Analysis of Spontaneous Speech.", Proceedings of IEEE ICMA 2005 (2005 - 2005)