The Language Centre

SMU Experience

Students of The Language Centre enjoy campus life at one of Canada’s most prestigious Universities, this includes sporting events, activities, clubs and social events. A thorough orientation of Saint Mary’s and Halifax helps students feel comfortable in navigating the University and the city, and introduces them to the many types of assistance available during their studies.

At The Language Centre, learning English doesn’t stop when classes end for the day. We organize a wide range of social and cultural activities after class and on the weekends so that you can make new friends, see Nova Scotia, and practice your English with Canadians.

A chance to experience University life while being provided with additional support from our staff is the perfect transition for an international student. Students enrolled at The Language Centre have an opportunity to build confidence before embarking on full-time degree studies. Not only will students gain valuable language skills, they will learn how to succeed at a University level within the Canadian post-secondary environment.

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