The Language Centre

Canadian Experience

For many of our students the opportunity to study abroad is almost as important as the quality of their education. Fortunately, we are able to offer English training that is respected all over the world as well as an exciting opportunity for students to experience student life at one of Canada’s most renowned Universities, in a city that is one of North America’s most beautiful tourist destinations. Because Saint Mary’s University is positioned a short walk away from the rugged and beautiful Atlantic Ocean, and at the heart of a vibrant city that’s home to the most important port in Canada’s history, students who choose to pursue their English language studies at The Language Centre enjoy a uniquely Canadian experience.

Halifax is safe, clean and friendly. In the city you’re never more than a short walk from the world famous Halifax Harbour, the most important port in Canada’s history. The ocean provides beaches, cliffs, and the stunning views you expect from the Canadian coast. Halifax is also lively, exciting, and possesses all the conveniences and entertainment available in much larger cities including: theatrical performances, art exhibits, festivals, concerts, sporting events,shopping, and more.

A few minutes by car from the heart of the city you will find opportunities to explore the beautiful Canadian wilderness. For adventures beyond Nova Scotia, cities such as St. John’s, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Boston and New York are a road-trip or short flight away, and many other destinations within North America, Europe and the Caribbean are easily accessed via direct flights from Halifax International Airport.