Canadian Summer School in Germany

Tandem Partner Project

In 2003, Dr. Kim Misfeldt began arranging informal meetings between Canadian and German students as part of the CSSG program. This led to the CSSG Tandem Partner Project being launched officially in 2007. In this project, Canadian students are matched with German students at the University of Kassel with the aim of improving speaking skills in German for the Canadian students and in English for the German students. Half of the communication is in German; the other half is in English. The word "tandem" refers to a bicycle made to be ridden by two people; in this situation, both partners benefit as they "peddle together" to share language and other cultural experiences.


Ann-Christin Fuhlmann
One of our former tandem partners and former tandem project coordinator in Kassel

Through this project, based on an intercultural exchange of ideas, students are also able to gain insight into student life at a German university and make new friends. As a result of this project, some of the German tandem partners have gone on to enroll in exchange programs at Canadian universities.

Prior to coming to Germany, you will receive an email from the tandem project coordinator Sarah Wittmann asking you about your hobbies, preferences, and general information about your studies. This information helps Sarah find you a suitable partner. The earlier you respond, the easier it is to find you a suitable tandem partner. During the first week of the CSSG program you will be introduced to your tandem partner. You may also be able to have email contact prior to your arrival in Germany.

The rules are very simple: the communication is fifty-fifty English and German. You meet whenever and wherever you want, converse, and do activities you both like. Feel free to remind your tandem partner to speak German if he/she speaks English for too long.