Giving to SMU

Why Join?

Are you looking to get involved with the University? Are you interested in promoting Philanthropy at SMU? Are you interested in understanding the impact of giving back? Are you interested in MAKING A DIFFERENCE?

If you answered yes, then come join the Student Philanthropic Council (SPC)! By giving back to Saints Mary’s, our university is able to assist students for financial aid and uphold the value of the degree. The Student Philanthropic Council’s goal will educate past, current and future students about this impact of giving to Saint Mary’s University. We will engage students in the philanthropic sprit of the university and create greater appreciation for our alumni.  We will encourage our students to form a lifelong relationship with the university by giving back. The SPC will introduce the concept of how giving back impacts our lifestyle, education, community and structure at Saint Mary’s University. The SPC will plan events and create project to achieve its goals in philanthropy.

We are currently seeking various positions such as: VP of Communications, VP of Philanthropy, Secretary, Communicator, and Members. All the positions will work as a team to create new traditions and enhance the sprit through awareness of being part of SMU. Through the SPC, members will be able to broaden their network among students, alumni, and community leaders. Members will also gain valuable knowledge in event planning, public relations, marketing, project management and fundraising.

You may also visit our Facebook page for more information.