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Tuition and Fees

View Tuition and Fees for the Academic Year (September- August).

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Undergraduate Tuition 

2017-2018 Tuition Chart

Tuition includes per course (half credit) mandatory fees: Arts Learning Resource ($10), Science Technology ($30), Sobey School of Business Career Services ($10), Campus Renewal ($35), Recreational Facilities Renewal ($11), Copyright ($3), Sports & Recreation ($5) and Student Services ($5).

*Nova Scotia residents‌‌ receive the NS University Student Bursary of $128.30 per half credit courses, which is deducted from the cost of each half credit (3 credit hour) course.

**International students who provide Landed Immigration or Permanent Citizenship papers to the Service Centre (Enrolment Services) will have their tuition adjusted, starting in the next academic term.  

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2016-2017 Student Fees*

*2017-2018 SMUSA Student fees are expected to be posted in the coming weeks.

Full-time Student Fees- for students taking nine (9) credit hours or more in a term.

SMUSA Full-time student fee $150.00 ($75.00 per term)
U-Pass (Bus pass) $153.00 (charged only in the Fall term)


Students who register for the Winter term only, will pay one term of student fees:
Full-time ($75.00-SMUSA + $76.50-U-Pass) OR Part-time ($26.25-SMUSA)


Part-time Student Fees- for students taking less than nine (9) credit hours in a term.

SMUSA Part-time student fee $26.25 per term


Summer U-Pass

  • If a student is registered in two or more courses for the May-June term they will automatically receive the Summer U-Pass at a cost of $77.75.
  • Students who are taking one or more courses over the May - June and/or July - August terms can opt-in and purchase a U-Pass at the Service Centre for $77.75.
  • U-Passes will be valid from May 1st- August 31st.
  • For questions regarding the Summer U-Pass please contact karla.hodge@smu.ca


2016-2017 Medical & Dental Plans*

*2017-2018 SMUSA Student fees are expected to be posted in the coming weeks.

Medical and Dental plans are administered by the Saint Mary's University Student's Association (SMUSA).

Medical Plan- Full time Canadian, Permanent Residents & International students

Canadian full time only
Single Family
12 Month (Sept - Aug) $137.00 $289.00
8 Month (Jan - Aug) $91.50 $193.00
International Full/Part Time
Single Family Family (3 or more)
12 Month (Sept - Aug) $940.00


8 Month (Jan - Aug) $626.50 $1,262.50 $1,644.00


Dental Plan- Full time Canadian, Permanent Residents & International students

Plan Single Family
12 Month (Sept - Aug) $98 $196
8 Month (Jan - Aug) $65.50 $130


Medical and Dental Plan Information:

Students with comparable medical and dental coverage may opt out of the University medical and dental plans each year as indicated below:

Canadian Students: Opt out Online through SMUPort

International Students: To opt out of all or part of the health coverage, visit the Health Plan Office (Student Centre, Room 524), sign a waiver and provide proof of coverage.

Opt Out Deadlines: Fall Term - September 25, Winter Term - January 25

Questions? Contact the SMUSA Health Plan Office at healthplan.smusa@smu.ca or 902-496-8754