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It All Starts Here

Mercedes Benz President Canada Studied Here

Every student has the potential to accomplish incredible things. Though not every university has the ability to develop that potential. Even if you aren’t sure what path you want your career to take, Saint Mary’s supportive community and unique learning environment will help bring your potential to life. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear more about the incredible things that have happened at—or because of—SMU from the impressive individuals that make up our alumni, faculty, students, and staff. 


Interview with Brian Fulton

Brian Fulton credits SMU for giving him the confidence and skills to get along easily, no matter where he finds himself living and working. 


Interview with Christa Brosseau

Christa Brosseau's research and work in this field has resulted in the development of an amazing diagnostic technology that includes t-shirts that can monitor health and even detect disease. 


Interview with Dr. Rosana Barbosa and Erin Brazil

A SMU Latin American History professor gives us the full story on her wildly popular class, “Soccer: A History of Brazil”.



Interview with Dan Leblanc

From 2010-2015, Dan LeBlanc was the CEO and President of Halifax-based Sports Direct, a global leader in providing sports data and statistics for more than 50 leagues and 2,000 teams across the NFL, MLB, MBA, NHL, NCAA, soccer, golf, auto racing and tennis leagues.


Interview with James Curleigh

SMU alumnus James Curleigh's amazing career in marketing and brand management has taken him from London to Portland to the Levi’s headquarters in San Francisco. But he’s never forgotten his roots.



Interview with Chris Flynn

One of the most memorable football players in Huskies history remembers his time at SMU and talks about his life and career after football. 



Interview with Jayson Hilchie 

Jayson Hilchie is a Saint Mary’s alumni whose list of impressive achievements includes winning a gold medal for track, while at school, and, more recently, meeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to talk business. 


Interview with Jonathan Fowler

One of the most exciting projects Jonathan Fowler has worked on, with students, is the detection and unearthing of artifacts from a 263-year-old British Fort, discovered in Lunenburg.


Interview with Tiffany Fields

Tiffany's curiosity about the stars has turned into the study of galaxies, among other things, as an astrophysics major at Saint Mary’s University. 


Interview with Joyce Carter

Joyce Carter is the CEO of Halifax International Airport Authority, one of the busiest airports in Canada.